Year two means a new business card …


The design, made in Adobe Illustrator


Yet again I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to letterpress my own business cards with the amazing Jen Wright at Inky and the Beast. A brand new design – an improved, vector, version of the kid selfie I did for Big Little Tales – presented a few challenges to Jen but she rose to them, helped no end by the two helpers currently incubating their awesomeness in her belly.

Yes, six months pregnant with twins and Jen’s helping me to produce a gorgeous little print on 300gsm Gmund 10% cotton stock (sexy card to you and me). I honestly look at each of the unique little buggers and I think of them as limited edition prints. So much so I’ve numbered them. Yes, I know that’s weird and overly proud. See what happens when you hand print your own work!?

If you’d like one, invite me to tea, coffee, lunch or mini-golf and it comes free 🙂


The first cards, fresh from the beautiful Vicobold press.


The card


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