The Illustrated Wok – illustrated recipe, Chef Margaret Li

The Illustrated Wok, a collection of illustrated recipes published by The Cleaver Quarterly.

Digital, Photoshop plus Wacom intuos3

TheIllustratedWok-Chef Margaret Li-v3flat-PatrickMiller

Unlike the A.Wong illusrated recipe, The Cleaver Quarterly wanted this recipe to be all about the story behind the dish. In Chef Margaret Li’s case, the story was all about her nanny in Taiwan, and how she topped-and-tailed green beans for the dish.

A young Margaret would watch in awe as nanny methodically trimmed each bean, methodically, one by one by hand – slow, steady, tidy, mindful – all the while wondering why nanny didn’t just line them up like soldiers and set a cleaver to them! Time is money nanny!

Rough sketchMLi-greenbeans_PatrickMiller-Rough

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