1, 2 or 3 stroke animals

one stroke: squid, fish
two strokes: hen, cock, pig, duck
three strokes: sheep

I was thinking about asian calligraphy and how Chinese characters – these sets of ordered, standardised strokes – mostly come from often obvious literal, visual origins; like the chinese character 日 meaning ‘day’ which originated as a pictorial representation of the sun.

I was then like, can I simplify animals into calligraphic strokes which are easy to remember and more or less consistent – like handwriting? So these animals (all food… go figure) take just about as long to draw as to write their names in english, especially if I’m trying to write all neat and everything.

So far this is great for Pictionary! However, other applications not so much. Ideas on a postcard please (or just drop me a comment or an email… much cheaper).

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