The expanded universe of Star Wars – China annexed!



Its been widely reported that JJ Abrams’ forthcoming Star Wars: Episode VII will only be drawing on the official canon, namely Lucas’ six films and the animated Clone War TV series.  But Disney has excluded more from this canon than it may know.

Found by Maggie Greene Assistant History Professor at Montana State University, this hand-sized picture book ( 连环画 | Liánhuánhuà) published in Guangzhou in 1980 is a Chinese rendition of Star Wars produced at a time when the film was not available in the country. Artists copied, interpreted and remixed from a range of material including film posters and other marketing ephemera. The result is part cold war propaganda, and part (mostly in fact) engaging insight into the way ideas travel. Greene writes eloquently about Liánhuánhuà artists and their agency in cultural circulations on her blog at 

The picture book is being painstakingly translated into English by MA Modern Chinese Literature student Nick Stember. 

The expanded universe of Star Wars – China annexed!



Sketches of Choppi

This is finally the final her. She’s been through lots of changes over the last few weeks, and this feels the most right.

She’s more characterful, with more versatility in her expression and gesture than before, simply by applying some cartoon character design principles.. and by borrowing some techniques and styles that may well be very obvious to some (in fact I kinda hope as much).

She’ll stretch and pinch and emote rather nicely now, whereas before, when I preferred her inky simplicity, she was nigh-impossible to animate and wooden in her gestures.

Perhaps in 20 years, when I’m only 10% away from meeting the perfectionism that has paralysed me to date, I’ll be better able to be more graphic.