Life drawing: Week 3 (warning: boobs)


Anyone that read last week’s life drawing post (just me) would know (you probably don’t) that I didn’t expect to be at this week’s session. I thought I was going to see Suicide Squad, long anticipating it being legit awesome.

However, two-star reviews gave my wife ‘angry sad feels’ reminiscent of the BvS balls-up, so I decided to not give Zack ‘of poop’ Snyder any of my cash. I’d experience the exact same amount of shame and expense by going to Trafalgar Square and throwing a pound coin at a pigeon every 8 minutes for two hours.

Anyway! So it was that I came to find myself drawing a naked lady in the pub instead. Much more constructive use of my time and eyes. Again I came with a Conte Pierre Noire sharpened like a rifle bullet, sheets of newsprint, a putty eraser and mad hope that the model would be a good one. She really was. Really really good.

In fact it was well and truly me that didn’t bring good game. I don’t know why but I couldn’t do anything decent with the 20 minute poses – a tragedy understandable once you read the model review – so the pics here are from the 5 minute warm-ups, and quite chuffed I was with them too. They’re completely unfinished, unpolished and overly simplistic, but I like them. All the more depressing it was then to find myself at the end of the 2 hours disappointed with my efforts.

But I’m honest about my abilities. These are work-outs. Sometimes I’m clearly just not in the zone. I’m aiming for highly expressive marks, hung loosely but purposefully to solid anatomy. I also accept (and quite like) that I’m a very slow draftsman.

Tonight though I spent too long trying to make a good expressive gestural mark, not identifying the key anatomical markers so I spent ages going over marks that I wanted to be there, not ones that actually were. I’m not interested in finding stylised renditions of the body, but in the way I interpret the truth of it in space. Deep! Luckily my old tutor Stuart has loads of stuff online to help me find my way back to basics. It’s a return ticket.

Model: female, 30s
‘C’ was a great model. Creative, strong, committed, muscular and very curvy which is a fantastic combination in a life model. When asked if a particularly stretch pose was comfortable for 20 minutes she replied “Never comfortable. The idea is to be interesting, not comfortable.” So. Awesome! My only slight misgiving arose precisely because her poses were so physically challenging. She occasionally had to shift a little.
Verdict: Strong, creative, curvy and great muscles make a nigh perfect model. 9/10

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