Life drawing: Week 2


Last week’s session was a perfect reintroduction to figure drawing – a tall muscled guy who despite having borderline narcolepsy, bless, gave good anatomy. I also noted last week that the standard of the artists had improved over the year. That’s unsurprising of course – drawing is a skill that only gets better with regular practise. Life drawing is no different. Moreover, Tatiana, the organiser of the Camberwell Life Drawing sessions, has a new (to me) thing where she lays out one to three pieces by each artist at the end of the night. So now I’m seeing all of the other work and it’s pretty enlightening.

It’s also a great way to talk to people. I chatted with one guy (French, very talented) about his use of Pierre Noire instead of charcoal. It’s blacker, more oily I think, and in combination with a stub looks amazing. So I got me a 2B Pierre Noire for this week and it was a revelation.

So expressive, versatile in depth and volume… anyway see for yourself. There’s a one month hiatus between now and the next session (sad face) and Pierre Noire will definitely be my boy.

Model: female, early 30s
On first impressions the model (‘L’) was full of personality with a petite figure. She’s clearly been eating her bread crusts because she has easily enough hair for three people. That combined with a turquoise frilly cape (yes) and an unforgiving angle meant that for the most part I was seeing hair, chiffon and at best a leg. Oh and the fake flowers between her toes. Hence the 20 minute hand study.
Verdict: Fun, fond of froufrou and fake flowers. 8/10

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