Back to life… drawing


Back in London, picking up the pieces of pre-China me (and shoving others under the sofa – they live there now) and one thing I missed like the bejonkers was life drawing.

I’d been a fairly regular participant at the Camberwell Life Drawing sessions upstairs at The Cambria pub off Coldharbour Lane and didn’t find a replacement for this weekly necessity in  Guangzhou. In fact an attempt to set up my own session there failed, happily spawning the brilliant Midnight Drawing Club at 103Store in Shipaiqiao instead. Best friends were made there. Think creative workshops for people that came not considering themselves creative but left understanding that creativity isn’t a technique – you just have to make something and it’s fun. I didn’t do any life drawing last year but MDC was utterly inspiring and fulfilling.

And now I’m back, I’m back at The Cambria with artistically sharpened  pencils, charcoal, brush pens and a pretty shonky technique! But because I’m masochistically narcissistic I thought I’d share my weekly attempts to understand even just a teenth of the truth discoverable in various human bodies with just a pointy stick.

Model: male, 20s
That’s not his face in my drawings… I don’t know who that is. But this lad is proper fit! Muscles in all the right places, many of which I had no idea existed. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t eat bread or Jaffa Cakes. You’d think it would make him a nigh-perfect life model, except he was a bit too fidgety on standing poses and definitely had a kip during the laying down bits.
Verdict: Awesome muscles for drawing, might want a nap before work. 6/10

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