Secret portraits – Coco Espresso, Stanley St., Hong Kong



Coco Espresso, Stanley St., Hong Kong

Sketched while waiting for a meeting, but Coco Espresso’s Stanley St. gaff, like the eponymous drink, is definitely built for speed, not comfort. The androgynous staff with eerily exact-same hairstyles and clothing serve people that look like they put a lot of effort in to being cool stand, drink and talk, looking, frankly, a bit like they’re putting a lot of effort into looking cool being together.

Others, like me, perch on spindly stools or on shelving units enclosing spindlier, tall tables with a wicked wobble. Add the minimal charcoal decor, no loo and no wifi, and it’s clear this is no pathetic latte hang out, this is espresso! Drink it, now get the hell out and do something useful.

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