Big naked fella in a pub!

Diversions, Sketches

Recently been going to the regular life drawing sessions in The Cambria upstairs bar and it’s a lovely vibe there as it happens. It’s organised by Tatiana Moressoni, fascinating in her own right … she’s well-travelled, RA trained and smily as anything. The models change every couple of weeks so it’s never dull; from the ample Ian pictured here, to more muscular models.

Ian was a bit sleepy though. I was sure he was nodding off during a sitting pose. When he took a final pose of lying on the floor on cushions I was wondering if Tatiana had set the alarm to wake him up, let alone bring the timed poses to a close.

But there you go, it’s a chilled session. Close your eyes Ian … sweet dreams … we’ll wake you up when we’re done.

£10, every Wednesday, 7pm, upstairs at The Cambria, Cambria Road, Camberwell SE5

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